Because of its high compressive strength and durability, Z-shaped steel is widely used in railway vehicles, building doors and windows, shelves, electrical cabinets, highway guardrails, containers, keel steel, municipal construction and other fields. Z-beam is mainly used in various fields in the form of purlin, and its size can be adjusted.
Why should z-purlin be preferred over c-purlin:
Compared with the Z-shaped section, the mechanical properties of the strong and weak shafts differ greatly between the C-shaped section and the Z-shaped section, and the connection with the rigid frame is mostly bolted hinge. The calculation must be based on simple support (the Z-shaped section can be reliably lapped to achieve rigidity. Connection, which can be calculated as a continuous beam). Therefore, the latter is more reasonable from the perspective of force state, calculation results, and structure. Therefore, in addition to door and window openings and other special node processing needs, Z-shaped cross-sections should be preferred.
Application of C purlin and Z purlin:
C-shaped purlin can be used for wall purlin and roof purlin with small slope; Z-shaped purlin should be selected for roof purlin with larger slope, so that the resultant force of roof load can pass through the section centroid of building material Z purlin.
a. When the roof slope is small, the bending section modulus of z-purlin is slightly larger than that of c-purlin, but the difference is not significant; when the roof slope increases, the utilization ratio of z-purlin's bending section modulus symmetrical to the vertical direction increases. Therefore, z-purlin is suitable for the roof with larger slope.
b. For walls, it doesn't make much difference to choose Z or C.
c. If the purlin is to be made into a continuous component, the Z-shaped purlin is best because it is convenient to overlap.
Q: How can I get your quotation as soon as possible?
A: The email and fax will be checked in half hours, meanwhile, the Whatsapp and Wechat will be online in 24 hours. Please tell us the order information about quantity, specification (steel type, material, size), and destination port.
Q: Do you accept the third party inspection?
A: Yes absolutely we accept.
Q: Which port are you shipping at?
A: Shanghai port.Customized Z Purlin